Casting with Alumilite

Cactus Juice is a stabilizing resin.  It is used to fortify the wood itself by impregnating the cellular structure.  This makes the wood harder and more resistant to moisture.  It will not fill voids.  Alumilite is a casting resin that is used to fill voids and cracks in the wood but does not fortify the wood.  They work well together by stabilizing the wood first, then casting with Alumilite to fill in the voids and crack if needed.

Bill,  Alumilite is sold by weight, not volume.  This is because one part is heavier than the other and if they were both filled evenly, you would end up with extra resin for one part .  As a result, one bottle will have more in it than the other.  Part A and Part B are packed in bottles that have a capacity of 1/2 gallon each and once mixed, will yield approximately 1 gallon of mixed resin.  Again though, it is sold by weight with 4# of A and 4# of B so expect one bottle to be filled to different level.

This was originally posted in the Cactus Juice section but I moved it here since pressure is not needed with stabilizing.  For casting, it certainly is and I will only use Binks pressure pots.  Granted, they are not cheap but they are made in USA and are ASME certified to 80 psi.  Some folks use Harbor Freight pots with success but I much prefer the peace of mind knowing that my posts are certified instead of just being stamped with some number.  Certified pressure pots have each been independently tested and certified to the pressure rating stamped on the pot.

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Treat your stabilized and cast Worthless Wood blanks just like you would a normal wood piece.  In order to get a high gloss finish, you will need to put some type of film finish on the finished knife.  If you are comfortable doing a CA (cyanoacrylate) finish, this is one of the most durable finishes you could use.  However, on a knife, it can be a real pain.  Another option would be to use a high quality lacquer.  Again, whatever you are currently using on your straight wood will work just fine on stabilized and cast blanks!