I like the worthless wood blanks and want to make knifes handles from them. So I got the cactus juice and alumilite slow. And plan on using pearl ex for color. But can't find much info on finishing the alumilite. What do I need to get a glossy finish? Thanks for your time

Treat your stabilized and cast Worthless Wood blanks just like you would a normal wood piece.  In order to get a high gloss finish, you will need to put some type of film finish on the finished knife.  If you are comfortable doing a CA (cyanoacrylate) finish, this is one of the most durable finishes you could use.  However, on a knife, it can be a real pain.  Another option would be to use a high quality lacquer.  Again, whatever you are currently using on your straight wood will work just fine on stabilized and cast blanks!