Family2thTurnTex, LLC is a small, full time family business located in Central Texas and the primary source of income for a family of three and two full time employee.  My name is Curtis O. Seebeck and I am the owner.  I take extreme pride in my workmanship and believe that nothing but the best quality, customer service, and support will suffice and believe in treating my customers with respect, better than I would expect to be treated. 

TurnTex, LLC is the leading authority and a pioneer in the field of stabilizing and casting and has been at the forefront of this industry with the following innovations:

  • Cactus Juice Stabilizing Solutions - The first to offer affordable DIY stabilizing resin and dedicated vacuum chambers for all types of stabilizing needs.
  • Alumilite Casting Resin - The first to start using Alumilite Casting Resins for woodturning and helped make it a mainstream casting product.
  • Alumilite Clear Casting Resin - This formulation of Alumilite Casting Resin is based on my needs and feedback to the owner of The Alumilite Corporation.  I did all of the initial testing to develop the current product including testing 7 different versions until the properties that are important to woodworkers were achieved.
  • Worthless Wood - Otherwise commonly referred to as hybrid blanks, is the technique of casting wood and resin combinations to form a unique, hybrid blank.  This technique was originally created by me in 2006 and shared with the woodturning community through an article I wrote entitled "Worthless Wood - Salvaging Otherwise Worthless Wood with Pressure Casting".  This technique has been used by thousands of craftspeople around the world since that original article.
  • Original Cactus Blank­â„˘ - I was the first to cast prickly pear cactus in Alumilite Resin to create unique blanks for penturning, knife making, and other uses.

In addition to innovation, I am very active and interested in teaching stabilizing and casting around the country.  I have taught hundreds of people from around the world in my shop as well as at numerous clubs, schools, and symposiums including:

  • Southwest Association of Woodturners annual symposium as a regional demonstrator
  • Utah Woodturning Association annual symposium two years in a row
  • Craft Supplies USA annual Super Wednesday in Provo, UT two years in a row
  • Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts
  • Guadalupe Valley Forge Hammer In
  • Marc Adams School of Woodworking
  • Midwest Penturners Gathering
  • Mid Atlantic Penturners Gathering
  • Southeast Pen Gathering
  • SoCal Turners Expo
  • Music City Penturners Gathering
  • Mid Ohio Valley Penturners Gathering
  • Gulf Coast Woodturners Association
  • Central Texas Woodturners Association
  • Alamo Woodturners Association
  • Oregon Woodturning Symposium