Will a vacuum generator work for wood stabilizing?

Sure, a vacuum generator can work for wood stabilizing.  However, many of them out there will not pull a full vacuum and thus, not provide the best results.  Remember, when doing vacuum stabilizing, the objective is to remove as much air as possible so you can displace it with Cactus Juice.

There is a company out there selling a vacuum generator for stabilizing.  The thing that is not mentioned is that they are only rated to 24" Hg of vacuum at sea level.  This equates to an 80.2% vacuum which means you can only remove a maximum of 80.2% of the air form the blank.  The more air you can remove, the more Juice you can get back into the material.

My preference, without a doubt, is an oil filled rotary vane vacuum pump.  They will typically pull a 99.9% vacuum and will do a better job of stabilizing.  If you have not seen it, please read this article I wrote on vacuum and how it relates to stabilizing: Vacuum Explanation