What kind of dyes can I use with Cactus Juice if I don't want to use your dyes?

Of course I highly recommend using the Alumilite dyes that I sell or that you can buy direct from Alumilite.com. They are reactive dyes that are made to cross link with plastic resins with a full bond. If, however, you don't have any or want to use something else, I would advise using a powdered aniline dye.

I do NOT recommend using a alcohol based dye or any other liquid dyes as the liquid portion may affect the chemistry of the Cactus Juice and it may not cure properly. I have used water and alcohol aniline powdered dyes and mixed them straight into the Cactus Juice without the liquid and they worked fairly well. It may not all dissolve properly so you may need to strain the Juice but should get enough for good color. Honestly, it is not worth the trouble to me so I still say to use the Alumilite dyes!