My Cactus Juice is past its shelf life. What should I do?

If you Cactus Juice is pat its stated shelf life, don't panic and throw it away!  First, we need to test it to see if it is still good.  You can perform a gel test.  To do this, take a redneck beaker (shot glass!) or any other glass beaker type container and fill it with at least 1 oz of Cactus Juice.  Put it in a preheated oven at 200° F (90°C) and wait 1 hour or so.  It should now be cured.  Let it cool down and see if it is mostly nice and hard.  If it is still liquid, it is past its shelf life.  If it is mostly hard with some rubbery areas and lots of cracks, this is normal and you are good to go.

If it does not cure, then it is most likely past its shelf life.  However, don't throw it away!  Contact me and I can sell you some more activator that you can add to bring it back to fresh condition!