I'm currently using stick fast and alumilite dyes. What other dyes are available to us with the Cactus Juice resin. Thanks

That is a very open ended question!  There are certainly other dyes that will work with Cactus Juice.  I am not able to test everything that is out there of course.  I would stay away from most other liquid dyes since the liquid portion could affect the chemistry of the Cactus Juice and cause it to not cure properly.  If you wanted to test a particular dye, get a cheap shot glass and fill it with your dyed Cactus Juice.  Place that in a preheated oven a 200° F for 1 hour and if it cures mostly hard, it should be ok. 

That said, there are many "dyes" out there that are actually pigment based.  Due to the particle size of the pigment, the "dye" portion will not penetrate the wood and will just remain on the surface.  Some powdered aniline dyes, like the StickFast dyes, will do ok with the Cactus Juice.  They can be a pain to work with though since they typically will not fully dissolve in the Juice.  If this is the case, I recommend mixing it in and shaking it well, then let it sit overnight and shake again the next day.  Then let it settle for a few hours and strain it through a coffee filter to remove the solids that did not dissolve.