Do you manufacture Cactus Juice yourself?

No, I do not manufacture Cactus Juice myself.  I have it manufactured for me by an ISO 9001 certified large chemical company to my specifications.  It is not simply a re-packaged product like some competitor is claiming.  It is unique to TurnTex Woodworks and the exact formula is not available to anyone else anywhere in the world.  Some competitors claim to manufacture their own resin.  I do not consider mixing a few ingredients in a container as manufacturing.  The chemical company that I use actually reacts and truly manufactures each component that goes into Cactus Juice.  This is all done to very strict standards in large batch size to assure uniformity and consistency under the guidance of staff chemists with extensive knowledge and research in this specific type of chemistry.  The reacting and manufacturing of this type of chemistry is something that takes a substantial investment in equipment and is not something that is easily done in a shop somewhere.  I am provided a COA (Certificate of Analysis) for every delivery that show that each batch has been analyzed in a lab to meet the exacting quality standards required.