After stabilizing and turning some projects, I am finding that my Minwax clear gloss finish won't dry. Any ideas about what else to use? Shellac as a sanding sealer then polyurethane?? Dave Olig, Fargo, ND

I have not had reports of any issues with polyurethane finishes on stabilized wood and have not had an issue myself.  Now granted, I don't use it very much on stabilized wood as I much prefer Deft lacquer since it dries much faster which means less chance of dust getting in the finish. 

Once Cactus Juice has cured, it is inert and very similar to Plexiglas so there would not be any chemical reaction going on.  Make sure you wood is 0% moisture content before stabilizing as discussed in the Tips for Best Results sheet you got with your order and make sure they are curing.  If there is any wetness on the blanks when you take them out of the oven, they are not cured.  Other than that, I don't really know what to tell you as I have not had the issue and have not had it reported to me by anyone else.