Cactus Juice Activating Instructions 

CAUTION: Contents may be under pressure. Use care when opening.  Wear proper eye protection!

ACTIVATE ENTIRE JUG!  DO NOT MIX SMALLER PORTIONS!  Contents of activator bottle is like a thick lotion and there is a not a lot in the bottle.  I assure you, it is the correct amount as we bottle this ourselves and each bottle is individually weighed as it is bottled to assure proper amount! 

  • Smack the small bottle down on your work bench prior to puncturing the seal.  This will help dislodge any of the activator that may have settled in the neck of the bottle during shipping. 
  • Puncture the foil seal carefully and away from your eyes as the contents may be under pressure. 
  • Remove the foil seal and fill the small bottle 3/4 full with Cactus Juice from the jug. 
  • Replace the small bottle lid and shake well. 
  • Empty contents into the jug of Cactus Juice, replace the lid on the jug, and shake well. 
  • It is a good practice to then refill the small bottle and shake well, then pour back into the jug to assure you got all of the contents out. 
  • Shake once more and it should be ready to use. 
  • If any small clumps remain, allow the Activated Cactus Juice to sit for an hour or two and they should dissolve. 
  • Once fully dissolved, your Cactus Juice is ready to use!