Customer Comments

Forever customer

I ordered more cactus juice as it is the most reliable stabilizing resin I have found to date. I will only order from Turn Tex because they are so fast at filling the order. Within 30 minutes of ordering, I received a email saying a label was generated for shipping. The post office delivered it to my PO Box the next day. Outstanding service.

Daniel Forbes
Lago Vista Tx
Date: 2022-09-26

Very Good

Good service, efficient order and fast shipping. Lookin forward to my learning to use products efficiently. Thank you. 

Date: 2022-09-23

Great product

In over 35 years as a custom knife maker I have used a lot of different products and have never found a better, easier to use product than the Cactus Juice Stabilizing solution. I highly recommend it to any one who takes pride in what they produce.


Guy Hielscher
West Nebraska
Date: 2022-09-19


Fast order, shipment and fine products. Will be a future customer.

Date: 2022-09-19

Always great

Every time I order from here that shipping is quick. Their products are great and extremely well made.

Antonio Genovesi
Montgomery County, TX
Date: 2022-09-19

Past Cust

This is my 3rd. order and I have been happy each time.


Dave Zeller

First Impression Pens

David Zeller
Date: 2022-09-16

from Norway

I am very satisfied!

Svein Ingvald Opdal
Date: 2022-09-16

Always great Results with TurnTex

I get great results with TurnTex heat activated resin for my wooden rings I make on the lathe.
Alan Boushard
Southern Illinois
Date: 2022-09-13

Awesome product, awesome company

In today's environment of little or no customer service it is refreshing to deal with a company like TurnTex. Super responsive when products are ordered, (almost) immediate processing of the order, and shipped quickly. And fantastic customer service after the sale. Customer for life.
Tony Woodard
Middle Georgia
Date: 2022-09-12

Cactus 🌵 Juice

Number one in customer service. Always fast shipping. 
Best product for stabilizing. 

Date: 2022-09-09

Great Company!!

From start to finish the customer service to the great products TurnTex, LLC offers is hands diwn the best in the business!

Mari H. Holste
United States
Date: 2022-09-09

5 Star - TurnTex review

5 Star in all areas: Very quick delivery of 4 gal's of Cactus Juice. The packaging was very rugged. TurnTex has great quantity pricing. Jest getting started with stabilizing of questionable wood, TurnTex will be my goto supplier for Cactus Juice. Thank you, Rick




United States
Date: 2022-09-09

Thanks. Shipped the same day. Received order in 2 days.

Thanks. Shipped the same day. Received the order in two days 

Tony clements
Date: 2022-09-09

cactus juice

I've heard of cactus juice for stabilizing wood but have never used it. I did a google search and found your Turn tex website. WOW!!    I was impressed with all the info and how easy it was to order.  My juice arrived promptly and I have started to stabilize my own wood. So far I'm liking it and I've already recommended your co. to other wood turners here in Minnesota!

Jim Jacobs
Date: 2022-09-03

lemme tell ya something about turn tex

I've been buying cactus juice from these guys for a few years and I have nothing but good things to say about them. I even had a lovely conversation over messenger with Curtis about the vacuum chambers that he makes himself and after talking to him I purchased one soon after and absolutely love it! I was using bvv chambers but after the chamber imploded and the glass top fell off and broke they refused to do anything to help a brother out, so making the switch to turn tex chamber was not painful at all, besides these guys treat you like family any way and I love that. but what else I love is the JELLY! Curtis sent me some in my last order, Curtis- if you are reading this the jelly is legit. great job my friend. Love you guys, keep up the amazing quality and care that you show you customers, you have one for life here.

columbo collum
Date: 2022-08-30

The best and in my opinion the only place to go for your stablizing and casting needs

Curtis and his team are amazing people, you couldn't ask for better customer service. They're great prices, everything you need for casting or stabilizing. Only place I know of where you can buy their product and have the owner walk you through how to use it in troubleshoot and answer about any question you can have. It's a good company a great team and fast shipping.

Brandon Hoffman
United States
Date: 2022-08-30

Great product, great service.

lightning fast shipping, great product!

Justin Newbold
Layton, UT
Date: 2022-08-27

Very good

Very good customer service and quick shipping only down side might do something different with the bottles of dye most of them leaked out all over everything  in box thanks

Scott zander
Date: 2022-08-26

Great Experience

I recently started making knives and wanted a product to stabilize the wood I use to make handles. It didn't take long to decide that Cactus Juice was the only way to go for stabilizing. In my research I found that not only is this the best product available for the stabilization process but that Curtis, the owner of the company, is an incredible source of information and goes above and beyond in his customer service. A business like this is a rare find these days and it's very refreshing to have the honor to support them. I would highly recommend this product and this company to anyone that is interested in the stabilizing process. 

Len Bloom
United States
Date: 2022-08-25

Cactus juice

I have not used the Juice yet still waiting for the vacuum chamber and the vacuum pump.  But the Prickly Pear jelly was outstanding, great flavor. I will be ordering more jelly soon,  Ron

Ron F Alves
United States
Date: 2022-08-23

Al Garvin

Very quick service with lots of feedback concerning delivery. Cactus Juice is amazing stuff.

Al Garvin
Date: 2022-08-22

Great Service

Great service with great products and always shared knowledge to draw on. 

Will Van Ostrand
Nacogdoches Texas
Date: 2022-08-18

Definitely Satisfied!

I put in a fairly large order (for me) of Cactus Juice and also picked up a jar of Cactus Juice Jelly. I haven't tried the jelly yet but looking forward to it. What I needed was available at the time I ordered and it shipped to Alvin, TX, in no time so I am one happy camper. I have been gathering everything I need for stabilizing for several years now and the purchase of the Cactus Juice was the last piece needed--I am looking forward to learning this process and seeing how much of a creative bone I have in me.

Larry Steinmetz
United States
Date: 2022-08-14

Super fast 10/10

I recently had a question for Curtis regarding leftover Cactus Juice that was out of date.  I had to order some new juice ASAP as I was getting ready to demo for our woodturning club here in Santa Cruz.  Curtis was very fast in getting the package out to me so I could do the demo.  He is always there when I need him to help.

Thank you Curtis.

Larry Dubia
Boulder Creek, CA
Date: 2022-08-13

Great Service for years now!

I have been doing buisines with this great company for at least 7 years now. The products and the service is always exxellent. Questions are getting a quick reply.

I import the goods from another continent. They always arrive quick and whitout problems.

I would def, reccommend doing buisiness with this company.

D. van Wijngaarden,

The Netherlands

Dave van Wijngaarden
the Netherands
Date: 2022-08-10

Love me some TurnTex!

I’ve been getting my Alumilite for some time now from this company and haven’t been disappointed yet. I would recommend to anyone :)

Nichole Smith
Tobyhanna, PA
Date: 2022-08-10

Great as always!

Just the usual excellent service from Curtis and his crew!  They always process the order and ship it out ASAP. Never dissatisfied or disappointed when order from them….. and the jam is great to boot!

Greg Forgotson
New Jersey
Date: 2022-08-09

Nice product

I'm a knife making hobbyist, who loves all aspects of the process of making, anything really. So when I took on the task of stabilizing my own wood for handles it added another layer of enjoyment to the whole project. Turntex has provided a very nice product, along with essential information on how to get good results with the stabilization process. A well stabilized piece of wood is such a unique kind of material to work with. I can sell my knives with confidence that the handles will remain durable and resilient to abuse.


Brad Lebowitz
United States
Date: 2022-08-09


This thing is's everything they say it is hands down....Thank you very much

Michael Hodge
United States
Date: 2022-08-08

Great buisiness

I have been doing buisiness for 4 years now. It has been exellent!

Date: 2022-08-07

Fast shipping and support from Mr Seebeck

Not only offering fast shipping. Turn Tex has a remarkable support group, with speedy response times to questions

Charles Haines
Date: 2022-08-06

Incredibly Fast Service!

Turn Tex has undoubtedly the fastest service of any mail order business I have dealt with. I placed an order and it was shipped in less than four hours, arriving several days ahead of another order I placed with a competitor. The prices are fair, the selection is great and the service excellent!

North Carolina
Date: 2022-08-06

Cactus 🌵 Juice

Thanks again for the great customer service and great products. 

Tim Reid
Chattanooga, TN
Date: 2022-08-05

Great stabilizer

Great stuff and simple to use. Curtis is a great guy to deal with and willing to spend time answering your questions. Highly recommend doing business with him
Greg Hankins
South Carolina
Date: 2022-08-04

New to stabilizing

YouTube videos directed me to TurnTex. I am very glad they did. Curtis has been extremely helpful as well as the other guy who helps with shipping. Not sure of his name right now? I was able to talk to Curtis on the phone, and he answered all of my questions very professionally and courteously. (And patiently)  Because of his quality products this has been easier than I had anticipated! I am having great success and already ordered my 2nd gallon of Cactus juice. Now I am experimenting with the dyeing process. I mainly work with resin/hybrid maple burl caps for spheres, bottle stoppers, pizza cutters, and bottle opener‘s. Thank you to all who work at Turn Tex for being so helpful!


Rich Campbell 

Richard Campbell
Washington state
Date: 2022-08-01

Top shelf service

Fast turn around on my order. Communication is excellent. Couple these with a great product and you have a winner.  Turn Tex states they care about their clients and they back their statement up with positive action. You can count on them!  Thanks. 

Tom Beatty
Canton, GA
Date: 2022-07-29

Long time user

I have used cactus juice for stabilizing wood blocks for knife handles now for about 6 to 7 years and have been very satisfied with where the product originally started and where it currently is in regards to the original and the new and improved. I have learned what to do and what not to do through the website and experience.

To say the least I’m very pleased!

Jonathan LEDLYL Knives FIF Champion S6E24

Jonathan Caruso
Conway AR
Date: 2022-07-26

100% recommend!!! A++++

Thank you TurnTex!!!! Between the fast shipping and quality of product I am super satisfied with my purchase. I was also very impressed with the free resources provided on the page. 100% recommend this business to anyone needing cactus juice or other wood stabilization Supplies! Don’t look any further than TurnTex for your supplies! Super fair pricing and fantastic USA customer service. Will shop here again!

Nicholas Roshan
Rolla Missouri
Date: 2022-07-24

Top Service!

Curtis and crew have always provided top service, great communication and the fastest ship out I’ve seen. Anytime I had a question he was always welcoming and helpful to get me producing great stabilizing. Thankyou to the Turntex crew! If you are thinking about stabilizing you can go wrong with Turntex! 

Mike Doyle
Washington State
Date: 2022-07-22

Great products, fast service!

I recently purchased some aluminite casting resins, both clear and white. The information on the website is great, shipping speed was great, supporting small business is great (I work for a very small company myself) and what I've done so far has turned out wonderfully. I will certainly be ordering more. Thanks!


Ken Adams
Millville, UT
Date: 2022-07-22

6” Chamber

As always top notch customer service ! 
Best chamber in the business. 

Tim Reid
Chattanooga, TN
Date: 2022-07-20

service ,good

quick service extra good packing verry good stabilizing on hemp wood. verry pleased. gene dunn kandg crafts .thank you gene
United States
Date: 2022-07-19

Awesome products

The Cactus Juice resin is the easiest and best stabilizing resin I have used. From Spalted Maple to Walnut, every knife handle I have stabilized is tough as nails and still holding true. Shipping is Uber fast, and that makes planning very easy. I know when I order to the day, when it will show up. I have very recently started into the Alumilite products and TurnTex is my go to for it. Keep up the good work Curtis, you and your crew make my life so much easier and I truly appreciate that!

Henderson, Ky.
Date: 2022-07-16

Awesome Products

I am a first time bow maker and I wanted to use some different woods in the risers I am making. I bought a vacuum pump and chamber, Cactus juice and some dyes. After stabilizing the wood I was so happy with the results of how well your product worked, just plane AWESOME can't wait to start my next bow this time with color. Thank you for a truly great product.

Perry Biccum

Perry Biccum
Orange County New York
Date: 2022-07-16


Just started my path in stabilizing resin. The ordering and receiving was as expected.

Bethel Acres, Oklahoma
Date: 2022-07-15

Excellent service

I was introduced to stabilizing and cactus juice through a friend and to Turntex. I have always received the utmost in professional service and some of the fastest shipping. Keep up the GREAT business 

Brandon ms
Date: 2022-07-12

Cactus 🌵 juice

Always pleased and have awesome results with product!

Clint Craig
Dover Arkansas
Date: 2022-07-09

Fantastic Customer Support

I have been using Cactus Juice for many years with great success.  The product provides consistent results and has allowed me to salvage many beautiful pieces of wood.  While there may be other products available, I have been a loyal  TurnTex customer due to their superior  technical knowledge and outstanding customer support.  Case in point, I recently had a question about using some outdated material.  I contacted TurnTex  through the website and within hours I had a response with a path to a resolution of the question.  Curtis and his team know their product and they support their customers!  With their variety of accessory products, TurnTex is the one stop source for stabilizing. 

Steve Criscenzo
United States
Date: 2022-07-06

Amazing Customer Service

Curtis and the gang at TurnTex have very high quality products as well as amazing customer service!  I have bought a couple stabilizing chambers from him and they are so great to use, there is so much information on his website of how to use his products and he is so very available by phone and very, very pleasant and helpful in that way.  i whole-heartedly recommend him and his products for all your turn needs!! 

Amy Baumgart
United States
Date: 2022-07-05

Great product and service

Obviously we've all heard of TurnTex that's why we come here.  But I just want to emphasize that the quality of the product is exceptional, the delivery time was as promised and the the instructions on the website and in the provided manual will guide you to success from your very first project.  I'm so happy I did business with TurnTex and highly recommend them to anyone!

United States
Date: 2022-07-01