Customer Comments

6” Chamber

As always top notch customer service ! 
Best chamber in the business. 

Tim Reid
Chattanooga, TN
Date: 2022-07-20

service ,good

quick service extra good packing verry good stabilizing on hemp wood. verry pleased. gene dunn kandg crafts .thank you gene
United States
Date: 2022-07-19

Awesome products

The Cactus Juice resin is the easiest and best stabilizing resin I have used. From Spalted Maple to Walnut, every knife handle I have stabilized is tough as nails and still holding true. Shipping is Uber fast, and that makes planning very easy. I know when I order to the day, when it will show up. I have very recently started into the Alumilite products and TurnTex is my go to for it. Keep up the good work Curtis, you and your crew make my life so much easier and I truly appreciate that!

Henderson, Ky.
Date: 2022-07-16

Awesome Products

I am a first time bow maker and I wanted to use some different woods in the risers I am making. I bought a vacuum pump and chamber, Cactus juice and some dyes. After stabilizing the wood I was so happy with the results of how well your product worked, just plane AWESOME can't wait to start my next bow this time with color. Thank you for a truly great product.

Perry Biccum

Perry Biccum
Orange County New York
Date: 2022-07-16


Just started my path in stabilizing resin. The ordering and receiving was as expected.

Bethel Acres, Oklahoma
Date: 2022-07-15

Excellent service

I was introduced to stabilizing and cactus juice through a friend and to Turntex. I have always received the utmost in professional service and some of the fastest shipping. Keep up the GREAT business 

Brandon ms
Date: 2022-07-12

Cactus 🌵 juice

Always pleased and have awesome results with product!

Clint Craig
Dover Arkansas
Date: 2022-07-09

Fantastic Customer Support

I have been using Cactus Juice for many years with great success.  The product provides consistent results and has allowed me to salvage many beautiful pieces of wood.  While there may be other products available, I have been a loyal  TurnTex customer due to their superior  technical knowledge and outstanding customer support.  Case in point, I recently had a question about using some outdated material.  I contacted TurnTex  through the website and within hours I had a response with a path to a resolution of the question.  Curtis and his team know their product and they support their customers!  With their variety of accessory products, TurnTex is the one stop source for stabilizing. 

Steve Criscenzo
United States
Date: 2022-07-06

Amazing Customer Service

Curtis and the gang at TurnTex have very high quality products as well as amazing customer service!  I have bought a couple stabilizing chambers from him and they are so great to use, there is so much information on his website of how to use his products and he is so very available by phone and very, very pleasant and helpful in that way.  i whole-heartedly recommend him and his products for all your turn needs!! 

Amy Baumgart
United States
Date: 2022-07-05

Great product and service

Obviously we've all heard of TurnTex that's why we come here.  But I just want to emphasize that the quality of the product is exceptional, the delivery time was as promised and the the instructions on the website and in the provided manual will guide you to success from your very first project.  I'm so happy I did business with TurnTex and highly recommend them to anyone!

United States
Date: 2022-07-01

Excellent product and service!

I ordered a gallon of Cactus Juice, and it arrived well packaged with a significant amount of instructions. I was impressed with the speed of delivery and the quality of the included instructional materials. So far it has performed exceptionally well and I can't recommend this product enough!
Nate Roberson
Herriman, Utah
Date: 2022-06-30

Best service and quality products

I've been coming to Turntex for my stabilizing needs and resin purchases for over three years now and had nothing but great service and quality products delivered.

Curtis and his team are the only folks I'll get my goods from.

Andrew Nedder
Vancouver, Washington
Date: 2022-06-30

Happy Camper!

Curtis thank you for providing us with unbelievably quick shipping and awsome products! Been doing business for years and you keep our shop up and running with everything we need!
Alex Swieczkowski
Belton Texas
Date: 2022-06-27

I did it right this time.

I have tried Cactus Juice before and being my first time stabilizing it didn't come out to well. I read the directions for the juice and another maker chamber. I did hold the vacuum long enough and didn't let it soak (missed that step). I got some Hempwood and tried turning it without stabilizing, not aa good out come. I got the Cactus Juice again and had printed out the directions to take with me to the shop to do the stabilizing. Using 3/4 inch square blanks I pulled the vacuum over night, let it soak until the next day, cure it at 200 degree F for 2 hrs (it says 1 to 1.5) let everything cool, and turned the Hempwood that night. Cactus Juice is amazing, just follow directions and your projects come out great.

John Fritz
United States
Date: 2022-06-16


Doing business with a small family owned company based in the U.S. is the way I want to spend my hard earned money. Curtis at TurnTex makes the decision easy!! The best products, the best service and my money stays here! If you haven’t bought from this company your missing out on  customer support that will take your projects to the next level! 

Thank you TurnTex Team

Don Van Dyne.


Don Van Dyne
Date: 2022-06-16

Very happy

I have learned a lot and I’ve asked questions which have always been answered promptly.  The cactus juice is an amazing item and really makes a big difference in being able to make punky woods workable. Thx 

United States
Date: 2022-06-16

Awesome Product!

I've been using Cactus Juice and Turntex dyes to stabilize my handle material for a couple years now and it's great. Never had any issues with the product or customer service. The product always comes with easy to follow instructions and the dyes provide very vibrant coloring. Highly recommend!
John Sims
Ider, AL
Date: 2022-06-16

first time using turntex cactus juice

This is the firsat time I used Turntex Cactus juice to stabilize pines cones and prickly pear cactus. This really works. I would recommend using Turntex cactus juice in the future

United States
Date: 2022-06-15

Thank you

5 star all the way!  

Pacifica CA
Date: 2022-06-14

Excellent Customer Service

I have been a customer of TurnTex for over 2 years now and I keep coming back because I always know I will get great products and great service.  Curtis is a STAND UP guy and all of my transactions have been PERFECT!  I order Cactus Juice and Alumilite all the time and have never had any problem.  Items are shipped promptly and arrive in perfect order.  My #1 go to source for all my stabilizing and casting needs!!!

Christopher Hunt
Silverdale, WA
Date: 2022-06-11

Can’t ask for more

Being buying from Curtis for a few years. Never had an issue. Last shipment was damaged by shipper. Absolutely hassle free replacement from Turntex. Quality products, but it is the exceptional service that keeps me coming back

Victoria BC
Date: 2022-06-09

Great products and great service

My order arrived as promised. Great value for the money. I will definitely be coming back!

United States
Date: 2022-06-08

Several Purchases Later

High quality materials used to build the chambers, assembled with attention to detail, packaged and delivered like a pro, and customer service follow up to ensure satification. 5 Stars for TurnTex.
John Kimbro - Cucamonga Woodworks
Rancho Cucamonga, California
Date: 2022-06-08

Always a pleasure!

Always a pleasure ordering from TurnTex! Best of the best!
Matt M.
Northern MN
Date: 2022-06-08

Great service

I was thrilled with the results from the new formulation of cactus juice. It preformed extremely better on the medium I was stabilizing. I appreciate the bulk 4 gallon pricing. It arrived in a timely fashion. 

Jim Bob Burgoon
Lubbock, Texas
Date: 2022-06-08

Love supporting small businesses!

Why give your money to the cooperate guys when you can get the same or better products from good ole hard working Americans! I've used TurnTex several times now and I'm always pleased with the products, price, and service. And how many times do you get an email from the owner where he gives you his phone number and says call with any questions! You can't get that kind of customer service many places these days! Keep up the good work and I'll be purchasing again soon! Thanks!

James Stacy
Flintville, TN
Date: 2022-06-08

Always a pleasure

Very fast shipping, quick and easy. The revised cactus juice formula is also some fantastic work. Thanks again
Date: 2022-06-08

Simply the best

Curtis' product and customer service are amazing. The Facebook group is always informative. I am still very much a beginner at this but with the help of the group and some youtube videos am turning out beautiful pieces.

Lennah E. Snell
United States
Date: 2022-06-08

Excellent service!!

Turntex is truly a pleasure to do business with. They are lightning fast with order processing/shipping, and everything arrives well packaged and secure!! Your online instructions are accurate and incredibly helpful!! Thank you so much!!! 

United States
Date: 2022-06-08

Great Service, as usual

I Ordered some alumilite dyes from TurnTex - they were shipped the same day, and arrived quickly. As usual, Curtis and his team provide the best service I have ever experienced. I will continue to order my stabilizing materials exclusively from TurnTex, knowing I will always receive top quality product, and top tier service. 

Kevin C.
Northern Illinois
Date: 2022-06-08

Happy user

The stabilizer works. It was well packed, arrived quickly, and includecareful instructions. I used a dye for the first time, and was pleased with the resulting color of the wood, which I use for rings.
Doug Alvord
United States
Date: 2022-06-08

Great Product!

I have been using Cactus Juice to stabilize burls and spalted wood for several years now.  It is a wonder product and I will be buying more in the future.

Tim Perkes
Date: 2022-06-07


always a pleasure to order from u

question how do i know when the cactus juice is to old to use




John Erdman
United States
Date: 2022-06-05

Excellent as always

Shipping is always super fast, orders packed well and correct, works exactly as intended

Dan Breeding
United States
Date: 2022-06-05

Great products and service

Always get great service from Turntex. Cactus juice is my go to resin for stabilizing. Great products and an awesome company to work with
Chris Seymour
Newburgh NY
Date: 2022-06-05

Love it.

I have been buying Cactus Juice from Turn Tex for several years. I always get fast and friendly service. Curtis has helped me with questions I had and you can't beat the product.

Rodney Hinson
Haines, Alaska
Date: 2022-06-03

Very good Service,will be ordering more in the future Tks.

I like your products.


Jake Driedger
Date: 2022-06-02

Must have for wood turning

My epoxy wood turning has stepped up in quality and professionalism since I started using Cactus Juice. Easy to work with and always delivers a quality product. Customer service is top notch, thanks again for all you do. 

Risden Talbert
Palm Springs, CA
Date: 2022-06-02

Fantastic Vacuum Chamber

I recently purchased a TurnTex Vacuum Chamber. It's a fantastic product that is exceptionally well made. TurnTex's Vacuum Chamber and Cactus Juice make stabilizing wood a breeze. And TurnTex's customer support is absolutely stellar. If fact, the personal support that Curtis provides is by far the most helpful customer support for any product I've ever purchased. I would highly recommend TurnTex's Vacuum Chambers and Cactus Juice for anyone who is interested in stabilizing wood.
Joseph Lynch
Arlington Va
Date: 2022-06-02

Great Product

Been using Cactus Juice for 5 years, great product.

United States
Date: 2022-06-02

Consistently satisfied

Over the last three years I have seen consistent and great customer service from Curtis and his team!  Each order is processed accurately and fast. His products are my go too after initially trying and I am a loyal customer after my experiences with Turn Tex.  Head over to the Facebook group if you have a question and you should find an answer, if you can’t, just contact them and Curtis will have advice.  This is a great company with high quality products and excellent customer service.  

Date: 2022-05-31

Great Service & Products

Just wanted to let folks know how good the customer service and products are at TurnTex. I have recently begun stabilizing for my small business. The quality of the product provided by TurnTex and the customer support have been fantastic. Curtis has lots of great resources available in his website to guide you from start to finish. In the past month I have stabilized. Amboyna Burl, Yellow Cedar burl, Orange Agate, Holly & Buckeye Burl. all without a single glitch

Steven Higgins
East Taunton Massachusetts
Date: 2022-05-31

Alumilite for Chola Cactus

I cast oak burls and Cholla cactus with Alumilite and I have never had a failure.  The Alumilite takes the colors I add and make the wood vibrant.  I only use Alumilite from TurnTex because of the superior quality and immediate service.  Thanks and keep up the great work.


James Richardson
College Station Texas
Date: 2022-05-29

5 STAR All The Way

This my go to place to get my Stabilizing juice for my wood for my handles for the blades I make.

Thank you again 

United States
Date: 2022-05-29

Great Products & Great Customer Service

I have been using TurnTex Products now for over 2 years. I have 21 vacuum chambers made by TurnTex, use Cactus Juice and Cactus Juice Dyes, order all of my resins from TurnTex. I have not had any major issues and only a couple minor ones. I went to Curtis and issues fixed without questions. The Customer Service is top notch. Curtis and Team goes above and beyond to provide top notch service.
Jeffrey Jansen
Marshallville, Ohio
Date: 2022-05-28

Awesome company

Very nice to see there are still small businesses that treat their customers like family. I will continue to do business with TURNTEX in the future and I hope they will remain in business for a very long time. 

jeffrey garey
L.A., CA
Date: 2022-05-28


I have been very satisfied with every order I have placed with Turntex. I prefer to support small family owned companies and this one has been exceptional. 

Kathy Widmer
Date: 2022-05-28

Always Reliable

This company consistently provides outstanding products & customer service. You can't go wrong dealing with TurnTex! Highly recommended!
Josh Clymer
United States
Date: 2022-05-28

Great Pump Saver

I have this Pump Saver hooked up between my vacuum chamber and pump right now. Everything I have gotten from Curtis is top notch and you will not find better customer service, shipping or warranties anywhere. Curtis and TurnTex are the go to in the industry for all things resin casting and stabilizing hands down!!!
Sue Meyers-Dyer
United States
Date: 2022-05-28

No complaints

  Service was timely and the product does everything it says.  This was my second order of Cactus Juice and I added the Cactus Juice dyes as well.  After using them, they do seem to provide a more brilliant color than Alumilite dyes.  If you want to stabilize wood, this is what you need.

Mark L
Tucson, AZ
Date: 2022-05-27