Customer Comments

Happy to support a fellow Texan!

Good to know I can buy local.

Gene Blunt
Spring TX United States
Date: 2020-06-11

Thank you for your quick response

Two gallons of Cactus juice and five dyes ordered from Japan on May 22 arrived on May 30. The Turn Tex service, which ships within hours of ordering, was wonderful. Perhaps customs is passing through without any worries and problems. Isn't it volatile so can I fly? Unfortunately, one of the dyes (gold) that arrived at me jumped out of the lid and contaminated the other dye containers in a bag that contained only the dye. When I gave feedback on that, the general manager immediately mailed me (gold) and 4 other labels. I arrived today. The goodness of Japanese services is being evaluated, but TurnTex's services may be at the same level or higher. A reliable company. Thank you very much! I will do my best to make a good work.
Akihiko Honda
Date: 2020-06-11

Great Service

Even though the shipping cost calculator did not figure the cost right. I split the  order to 2 separate orders to get the shipping cost down. However  the orders got combine and I was only charge for the shipping of the first order (2 gallons of Cactus Juice) refunded the  shipping cost of second order ( 1 Bottle of dye). Great service and nice to have a person in the loop instead of all computerized.


Larry Catron
Date: 2020-06-09

Great service.

As always, quick to get through the online ordering site, got both orders a few days later. Always figure Curtis is there to answer any questions, so no worries.

Bob Herr
Date: 2020-06-08

Return customer

A couple of clicks on my phone and few days later it’s on my porch.  It like magic!  Thanks again

Date: 2020-06-08


Sometimes to buy products in US and import to Argentina can be a headache. Turntex personnel makes easy with their patience and kindly. Muchas gracias desde la Patagonia!

Pedro Trípoli
Date: 2020-06-08

Good :)

I‘m from Germany and ordered producta from Turntex 4 or 5 times. There werent any problems and i can recommend Turntexfor all national and international customers. 

Good work and great products!




Date: 2020-06-08

Great products, fast shipping

Have always purchased stabilized wood blocks in the past or sent my own blocks out to be stabilized. Happy to have brought the process in house. Dyes are bright and fun to mess around with. Helpful website and great product. Thanks

United States
Date: 2020-06-08

Outstanding Products and Service

TurnTex provides what everyone is looking for in today's fast pace business world. Quality products, exceptional customer service, quick shipping and all at reasonable prices. Thanks Turntex!

Terry Nelson

Oak Meadow Woodworks

Terry Nelson
United States
Date: 2020-06-07

Fast shipping, great product

I bought a vac chamber, a couple gallons of juice and some dye. My first time experimenting with wood stabilizing, but first round was a great succes. I love the vac chamber, and I felt much more comfortable ordering this one instead of a generic brand from amazon. Glad I did, as it works great. The cactus dyes work well too. Seem to be a little brighter color and not quite as dark as the alumilite ones, which I like. 

Jordan Bartel
Hillsboro, OR
Date: 2020-06-06

Great turnaround

Super fast response time and shipping. The cactus juice is fantastic! Thanks!
Bob Kulchuk
Date: 2020-06-05

Great Service

This is a great company with great service.  I recently purchased Cactus Juice to start stabilizing wood in preparation to resin cast.  Having never done this, my first attempt did not go well so I emailed TurnTex with questions as to why that might be.  Curtis from TurnTex called me directly (on a holiday weekend) and walked me through what possible errors I was making with no judgment.  Following his advice, I have had great success with this product.  I am now on to Alumilite Casting.  

Boynton Beach, Florida
Date: 2020-06-05

Customer Service

Received my ordered parts in 3 days. Speedy delivery and the quality of parts were outstanding. Great communication with company through the use of E-mail. Did my research for the parts i needed to finish a project. Thought Amazon would under bid anyone, Not for this company. Have ordered parts and supplies before from this company. Never any issues at all. Great pricing and American made in the Great state of Texas. Looking forward to maintaining a great business relationship with this company. 


John A. Leone
United States
Date: 2020-06-05

Purchase of resin

Haven’t used it yet cannot decide what to do. Came quick. 

Date: 2020-06-05

Super fast, exactly what i needed

They had exactly what I needed, at a great price, and my order was shipped out within a couple hours. 

United States
Date: 2020-06-04

Great as always!

Great service, communication and fast shipping as always. Thanks Curtis.
Date: 2020-06-04

Awesome Products

I have yet to find a better stablizing resin than Cactus Juice and to be honest with the results I am getting I have no reason to look elsewhere!

Josh Yohe
Date: 2020-06-04

Cactus juice

I have only placed 2 orders with Turn Tex so far. I will be placing many more.


Both orders have almost shipped before I could get my card back in my wallet. Both orders I paid for 3 day shipping. Both were in my possession 2 business days later . The products are great and the service is above and beyond top notch.

Richard P Martin
United States
Date: 2020-06-03

Great Service

Got my order of Cactus Juice, great service, quick delivery time, no issues. Thank you for excellent customer service.

Bobby McCarley
United States
Date: 2020-06-02

Great service ans support

I have tried several other stabilizing resins only to return to cactus Juice. It does a very good job not to mention that the support offered by Turntex is very helpful.

Products ship fast and orders are accurate.


Jim J Babcock
United States
Date: 2020-06-02

Solid work y'all!

Best customer service ever and quality products. We bought 2 gallons of cactus juice and we were confident enough to try a few dyes. They worked great and all the instructions are very clear. Love this place, it is my go to from now on.  

Lindsay Buck
United States
Date: 2020-06-01

Awesome stabilization chamber!!

I highly recommend turntex. Upon opening I can tell they take pride in there work. Their stabilization chambers are made out of high quality materials, and looks very professional. It works great also. I have my second batch of knife scales in the chamber as I’m writing this. I highly recommend turntex

Casey Legate
Foristell mo 63348
Date: 2020-05-31

Great customer service

I can't thank these guys enough for the great customer service. Quality products and a friendly helpful staff. I highly recommend TurnTrx!
Tampa Fl
Date: 2020-05-30

Hands down the best

I’ve been making knives for 8 years now, and every wood handle I put on a knife is stabilized in Cactus Juice first. I’ve never had a failure, it’s easy to use, and the customer service and quick shipment make the choice easy. Thank you for being an integral part of my business.

Bryan Jerabek

NOMAD Knife & Tool

Bryan Jerabek NOMAD Knife & Tool
Milwaukee, WI
Date: 2020-05-30

There when I needed i.

I was pleasantly surprised and grateful when I saw Curtis’s notification about helping those in need during this Covid19 pandemic. I run a really small business and a lot of what I make in “profits” I put back into material costs. A lot of the product I make is a gamble and I don’t get a lot in return. I do it because I love it and I hope to one day make a living off of it. Cactus Juice costs a pretty penny, reasonable, but it’s something I need in my shop. Curtis makes it happen, and in a few days it’s delivered and I can get back to work. Thank you for coming through and helping me out! Good to know that this community can look out for each other.

Mynor Chinchilla
Los Angeles
Date: 2020-05-29

Very happy

AS always, great customer service!

Mike Moriarty
Date: 2020-05-28

TurnTex is Great!

I have been a TurnTex customer for years and they have been more than fair in any dealings I have had with them. My last order of Cactus Juice was filled super fast and arrived w/n three days of placing the order. 

Steve Pritchard
United States
Date: 2020-05-28

pump jb

Hi curtis, I hope everything goes well, and you are enjoying that trip. I am trying to get a jb pump here in Europe, I would like to ask you if a 3 cfm 15 micron pump would be valid for the stabilized one? Thanks in advance,here in europe i can only get platinum

Date: 2020-05-27

Good stuff

I've recently returned to using Cactus Juice in my wood bowl making.  I have several pieces of spalted and punky maple that have exciting wood grain and I just could not throw them into the fireplace. CJ has allowed me to treat that wood not only with stabilizer but with color. Of course you need a large vacuum pot or chamber and a lot of CJ to submerge the piece. But it turns great and sands very smooth. 

tom boyer
Olympia, WA
Date: 2020-05-26

Alumilite Order

Very pleased with my order. My order was processed and shipped very quickly. Customer service is top notch. Thank you, will be ordering with you again!

Date: 2020-05-26

Super Rad

Hi. I’m  coleman, I’m a bladesmith and... 

I’m addicted to cactus juice. 
I love the stuff. 
I use it to stabilize. 
I stabilize nearly every one. 
it’s great.  
turntex is my favorite dealer, best demeanor, easy.  

coleman morris-goodrick
Marfa, Texas
Date: 2020-05-25

Beat Customer Service

Turntex was the only business I found willing to ship Cactus Juice to me in Hawaii. I am grateful for his commitment to providing outstanding customer service and great Products and prices, which is the reason why I won’t buy my wood stabilizing products anywhere else. 

Thank you Curtis,



Michael Kuklok
Pearl City Hawaii
Date: 2020-05-25

Works great!

Pretty simple to do. The videos on the site could use an update since they dont follow the directions included with the juice. A quick google search will lead to many videos which do show best practices when stabilizing.

Shipping was super fast!

Dan Breeding
United States
Date: 2020-05-25

Service is not just a word

Curtiss takes the concept of customer service to exceptional levels. Service is not just a word, it's an attitude, a philosophy. From the moment the order is placed his team goes to work to ensure everything is perfect. You get what you ordered, it is shipped promptly, you receive updates. What more could you ask for?
Butch Miller
Woodland, wa
Date: 2020-05-25

Couldn’t be a better provider for stabilizing products

Love the vacuum chamber I bought. Ready to go, right out of the box. Cactus juice is my preferred agent for stabilizing punky/spalted wood. Easy to use and economical too. Curtis got my order out double quick, everything I've bought from Turn Tex has been shipped quickly, accurately and well packed. I recommend them.
Roger Buchanan
Mechanicsville MD
Date: 2020-05-22

Cactus juice

I placed my first order for Cactus juice. Which I understand is the best stabalizing resin there is. I used 3 day Ground shipping and had my order in Kentucky from Texas in 2 days. Fantastic shipping and great product.


I just placed a second order today 5 / 22  shipping says 5 / 28 I'm betting I have my Cactus Juice and Dye's by 5 / 26 . 


Great company that stands behind their products and goes above and beyond.


Thank You 

Richard Martin 

RPM Custom Mods.

Richard P Martin
United States , Kentucky
Date: 2020-05-22

Smooth transaction

A very smooth and easy transaction.  Shipping was FAST and reasonable for the weight I ordered.  Tracking information was provided and I also received a follow up e mail to make sure I was satisfied.  The kind of customer service you expect!  I can use whatever brand of products I want, but because of the excellent customer service at Turnrex, they will be my go to, hands down!

Tim White
Arab, AL
Date: 2020-05-22

Fantastic service!!!

I recently got into casting and quickly burned through the small 2# kit of alumilite that I had. I shopped around, and found that TurnTex had everything I needed to go to an 8# setup with Alumilite 1oz pumps. I don't measure anything by weight anymore, just one pump of each, and I've had zero issues. I'll definitely be refilling my order when it runs out. Shipping was fast. Definitely will be back for more.

Jim Johnson
United States
Date: 2020-05-21

Awesome service

Just received my second order and I am so impressed with the customer service. My order was promptly accepted and mailed the same day. Packing for the gallon containers was exceptional. Great company!
Chuck Bean
Knoxville, TN
Date: 2020-05-19

cactus juice

I like ordering from these guys my orders have always been right and has been fast delivery.

sherman texas
Date: 2020-05-18

1st time stabilizing

So, I'd watched the videos on YouTube, bought my vacuum pump and canister and received my cactus juice.  If you've done your homework and followed the tips provided by TurnTex, you're golden.  It's actually pretty easy, and my blanks turned out awesome. I've already ordered more cactus juice, as I've got a stash of spalted maple firewood and burl a friend brought me to process into blanks.  Thanks for making this easy!

Kurt Stubenhofer
Matthews, NC (USA)
Date: 2020-05-17

Incredible Service

Very pleased as a first time customer. I literally got my order at my door in 2 days. 

Jeffrey Satz
United States
Date: 2020-05-17

Awesome folks

These are some great folks and they have awesome products. They are quick in processing orders and they stand behind everyone. You NEED to shop with these folks.

Danny Henderson
United States
Date: 2020-05-17

Fast shipping and great prices

Shipping was very fast, prices were very reasonable and the products look great.

United States
Date: 2020-05-17

Need More Companies Like This

Know your money is going to a kind and caring business. Jeff Bezos doesn’t need more of your money. This company is beyond fantastic. They provided help to me in this crazy quarantine time we are living in and it’s so very appreciated. They did what they could to help me out as a first time customer and if more companies operated their business like TurnTex this entire ordeal would be that much easier to live through. I am an immediate life long customer after this experience and can’t wait to start stabilizing and casting for the first time. 

Ian B
Venice California
Date: 2020-05-16

Great Communication

First time purchase with TurnTex. I inquired about how long it would take for what I wanted to get back in stock. The response was quick and polite.

After he had fixed the issue with his production machine I quickly got an E-Mail, I placed my order and within a week I had my Vacuum Chamber and Cactus Juice.

The chamber itself appears to be amazing quality. Solid and very well finished. I am looking forward to using it many times in the future! I'd highly recommend Turntex Vacuum Chambers and will definitely go there again for my future needs!

George Harris
Swartz Creek, MI
Date: 2020-05-16

fast shipping

Super fast shipping! Recieved my package quickly and perfectly packaged! Thank you so much!

Kelly Mason
United States
Date: 2020-05-16

Great product Great service

This is our third or fourth gallon on Cactus Juice, so clearly, we like it. I did also enjoy reading Curtis's tips (on the website). Not sure what wood turners did before Cactus Juice, but glad to have it in our arsenal of products. Shipping was fast, so that's always appreciated. 

Lomeda F Montgomery / Just Top It
Keller, TX
Date: 2020-05-14

Customer Service

Turntex is the leader in customer service and customer satisfaction!!! He makes a great product and stands behind it!!!

Date: 2020-05-12

Amazing service

I was extremely impressed on how quick I received the order, great price,  it's a great product. Stabilizing dyes have amazing colours. I will continue using these products. Highly recommend. 

Date: 2020-05-11