Customer Comments

I would like to say thank you for a great product and excellent service. I don't do a great deal of stabilizing, but when I do the Cactus Juice does everything it's supposed to do. It's so easy to use that it's still fun to stabilize blanks. With soap and water clean-up, no waste and great results, there's no need to try anything else. I would like to say thanks for your willingness to answer all questions as honestly as possible. I think that is the best part of how you run your business. Kenny D.
Kenny Durrant
Sachse Texas
Date: 0000-00-00

Curtis is a great guy, got my vacuum chamber, got my cactus juice, now it's time to go to work. thanks Curtis:D
Terry Burden
Date: 0000-00-00

thanks I just started processing my own wood I have a lot learn you fill a real need supplying the individual thanks for your help
Date: 0000-00-00

Thanks for the prompt shipping. Used the Cactus Juice to stabilize about a dozen pen blanks and have turned 1 pen so far. It was a heavily spalted Japanese Maple Burl and the pen turned out great. Seems like the stuff does what it is advertised to do.
John Kreitler
Decatur, IL
Date: 0000-00-00

I purchased a vacuum chamber and cactus juice, the process worked as described and results are excellent.
Russell Dieterlen
Date: 0000-00-00

Got my 2nd gal. of the Cactus Juice great stuff really works well and fast. Thanks
Longview ,Tx.
Date: 0000-00-00

very good product, fast shipping, very nice contact\r\nthanks\r\
Kramer Jürgen
Date: 0000-00-00

Great service and fast shipping,will be back for more resin and stain.Thanks!
Date: 0000-00-00

This was my second order. Started with a quart, this time I got a half gallon. Had a small issue with my fist batches but I called Curtis and he quickly diagnosed my problem. He really is there to make sure you get the best results. Haven't started with this batch yet but I know the results will be fantastic. Thanks Curtis for your help and a great product!
Todd Olson
Greenville, NC
Date: 0000-00-00

Turn tex's product is working quite well. I have been looking for a product to stabilize woods myself to save expense of sending to one who does stabilizing. I am happy with the results, and with the communication of Turn Tex. I highly recommend this product. Charlie Haines dba Knives by Charlie
Charles Haines
Sheridan, TX
Date: 0000-00-00

Fact is that I have not used it yet. Set everything up and it appears to work fine. Easy switching between chambers. Will let you know when I try it out. Thanks Derrell :D
Derrell Montgomery
Near Conroe
Date: 0000-00-00

You are supplying top quality products at very reasonable prices. You have excellent service, thank you very much. I will definitely do business with you in future, and I highly recommend your products to other people!!! THANK YOU :)
Etienne Viviers
South Africa
Date: 0000-00-00

Got more juice and hope I don't need to seek counseling for my new addiction to "Cactus Juice.":s I pitched the catalyst to the juice and will let sit in my old storage frig in the shop for a week before using. Might need to do a 4-gallon order next or contact Cactus Juice Anonymous (CJA) for some help!!!!!:)
Bill Lydie
Lewiston, Idaho
Date: 0000-00-00

About a year ago, I came into a decent supply of Spalted Maple. Not being a novice to turning, I tried to make a few pens only to find terrible results and so much waste because of the nature of the wood. I did a lot of research on stabilizing the wood. After trying some of the alternatives available, I ordered some Cactus Juice from Curtis. With some easy instruction and practice,I can now turn the pens with little to no waste!! I build stringed musical instruments in my spare time when I am not in the classroom teaching. ( I make pens for the fun of it. It is important for me to give feedback to my students so they can identify what works and what need to be changed. Thumbs up to Curtis and "the juice"!!! (just don't tell the science teachers in the school that I had to borrow the vacuum chamber and pump) Seriously. Awesome stuff. No other way to go!!!
Bunker Hill, WV
Date: 0000-00-00

I saw the Turntex videos on you tube and saw the answer to how to use many years of reject wood. I called and talked to Curtis he was and continues to be very helpful and a wealth of knowledge. His products and customer service in my opinion cannot be beat. Thanks Rod
Rod Hoover
Date: 0000-00-00

100% satisfied. Order was shipped immediately and arrived in a couple of days. Everything was perfect as I expected and had heard it would. You will definitely be getting more of my business.
Mike Kauffman
Denison, Tx
Date: 0000-00-00

Placed an order for a gallon of cactus juice and a set of coloring dyes. The order was process and shipped the same day. The tints were backordered and arrive a few days later. Excellent customer service.
Roger Smith
Cullman, AL
Date: 0000-00-00

Great product and your personal service is great. I'm looking forward to using more of your product as it really stabilizes the woods that I'm using now. :)
Johnny W. Tolly
Austin Texas
Date: 0000-00-00

Curtis is an honest hard working family man....He keeps his customers informed and makes a superior product..
Joel Freund
Ontario Canada
Date: 0000-00-00

After paying over $100 for three small peices of stabilized wood, I realized that I had to find a more affordable source for my knife handles. I already had a vacuum chamber and pump, so cactus juice was a great alternative. So far, it has worked as advertised. I'm looking forward to trying to make my own cactus scales. Thank you for a great, easy to use product.
Whitehouse, TX
Date: 0000-00-00

I'm very satisfied with the customer service I received. You called me as soon as I emailed you. The product is great. However I did have a hiccup in shipping but that's not your fault. I rate you 5 stars! I will be a repeat customer and I recommend your product to my friends on the facebook group Pen Turning I use the tags #turntex and #cactusjuice
Brady Dennis
Roaring Spring, PA
Date: 0000-00-00

I purchased some cactus juice and ordered the large vacuum chamber with the resin saver pen blank insert. Curtis is a man of integrity and goes the extra mile to do his best to satisfy his customers. I have not yet had the opportunity to actually use the products. I hope to get to that later today. :D
Dennis McManaman
Amarillo, Texas
Date: 0000-00-00

no problems, weather caused a delay in delivery but i dont think turntex caused it.otherwise very fast delivery. for a one man show Curtis does a great job. i will be ordering more cactus juice later.
ron newton
Date: 0000-00-00

Fast service. On time. Thanks. Mike
mike igo
spokane wa
Date: 0000-00-00

I have been using one of Curtis' vertical chambers and Cactus Juice for about 2 months now and I have got to say of all the setups I have tried over the years - his is the most straight forward and clean setups I have ever used. The Cactus Juice works exceptionally well as a stabilant. Will be getting one of his acrylic chambers for larger slabs as soon as I save a few more pennies.
Ross Tyser
Spartanburg, South Carolina
Date: 0000-00-00

Thank for your great service. I received my Chamber and Juice, and cannot wait until they are put to use. Thanks for everything you do for all your customers:D
So Cal
Date: 0000-00-00

Hey Curtis, I don't buy a lot of your products, mostly Cactus Juice(a great product BTW) certainly got no complaints about it nor your service. My last order over the new-years week/holiday may have taken a few days longer than usual but that is understandable given the time of the year. Also enjoy your posts over on the IAP and Sawmill Creek.
James Combs
Owingsville, KY
Date: 0000-00-00

Great product Easy clean up
Mac Bourque
Ville Platte, LA
Date: 0000-00-00

Curtis has been VERY patient with me as a new customer. He has provided guidance on a number of issues. The true value in doing business with Turn Tex is Curtis' NO CHARGE expertise.
charles graham
Gulfport MS
Date: 0000-00-00

order was filled quickly, order status posted in a timely manner. 8)would definitely buy from this soutce again.
Date: 0000-00-00

14 inch chamber with all goodies works great and ran 2 batches of 12 pen blanks/run and used all of my 32 oz bottle. Just ordered more "Juice" and all works as advertised and Curtis has excellent customer support. Be patient because I hear it usually takes up to 12 months to have a Lamborghini built and this is the Lamborghini of stabilizing equipment. Thanks again Curtis :)
Bill Lydie
Lewiston, Idaho
Date: 0000-00-00

Thanx for your help . Cactus juice was just what I needed to finish my latest project. easy to use and excellent results. fast shipping and great customer service :D I'll be back when I need a refill.
Mike B.
Joshua Tree
Date: 0000-00-00

I am newbie to the art of vacuum stabilizing wood for pen turning. The equipment and stabilizing resin I purchased from TurnTex made for a very short learning curve [and that was a big plus]. By following the TurnTex video tutorial I was able to make perfect, stabilized wood blanks for my pens with my first batch. The vacuum chamber and resin was surprisingly easy to use. I recommend the TurnTex vacuum chamber and resin products 100%. Thank you, Mr. Seebeck for your support, help and encouragement. Chris Mallory Fair Oaks, CA
Chris Mallory
Fair Oaks, Ca
Date: 0000-00-00

I think you have great products and I will order again Thanks John
John Hearn
Date: 0000-00-00

I purchased a small pen chamber and CJ from Curtis and it arrived in great packaged shape. The fit and finish on the chamber is very professional. Followed Curtis's video on YouTube to color stabilize some spalted punky sycamore which turned out great in craft supplies aero pens. I would recommend chamber and process to anyone.
Bill Tichenor
Greenwood, Indiana
Date: 0000-00-00

I ordered a quart of CJ and while waiting on delivery I built a small vacuum chamber(since ordered one of the Juice Proof chambers). Once the CJ arrived I added my dried scales and began. Following the directions from this site carefully. Baked as directed. Perfect end results the first time! It is refreshing to receive a product that works as advertised! Buying stabilized wood is not what I like to do as I am very selective as to what I use on my knives when using real woods. This will allow me to pick my wood and stabilize it in house. Will order more for sure. Thanks for a great product!
Jimmy Chrisawn - JK Custom Knives
Rock Springs, Wyoming
Date: 0000-00-00

I put my order in for a vacuum chamber some time ago. I knew then that there would be a wait and I was in no rush. It did take me quite a while to actually get my chamber, but Curtis kept me informed of each delay and its reason, and offered to prioritize his customers based on their urgency. As I was still in no particular rush I let him get to me when he got to me. I ended up with a later edition of the chamber than I had originally ordered but based on Curtis' offer. All in all, despite the delay I would strongly encourage anyone sitting on the fence to consider doing business with this gent. His products are top notch and his guarantee is quite simply as good a guarantee as you can get. Full Stop.
Greenwood, Nova Scotia
Date: 0000-00-00

I purchased the pen vacuum chamber and cactus juice from Curtis. Followed his directions and was able to successfully stabilize some beautiful wood on the first try. I turned them into Christmas gifts which everyone loved. Curtis built a chamber with American ingenuity and quality - MADE IN AMERICA!!! Thanks for a great product Curtis. Jim Recourt
Jim Recourt
San Diego, Ca
Date: 0000-00-00

Couldn't be happier with the service I received from Curtis. Prompt delivery. Pleasant to talk with.
Curt Stivison
Date: 0000-00-00

My order of Cactus Juice and dye was processed the following day and sent to me. Your quick processing is appreciated. I am looking forward to my next order and understand the manufacturing delay. :)
Date: 0000-00-00

Curtis, Everything arrived promptly. Thanks for the great service. I am looking forward to getting started. I can't start using it until a couple of months due to my shop temperature. Looking forward to experimenting with some of my flute tone controls, some flutes & knife scales. I have been impregnating my flutes for 15 years with lacquer and I am looking forward to trying the Cactus juice. I know it will be an improvement. I have to get a gas oven and install it in the shop. Flutes are to large for toaster oven. I have some chittam wood burl with red specks in it that I am looking forward to stabilizing also. I will send photos when I get started. I learned about the impregnation system while working on the NASA Space Program. They developed this system many years ago using a similar material that was not water soluble & had to be cured by radiation, many years ago to impregnate electrical transformers. I put my system together based on that & my chamber uses vacuum & pressure. I was happy to hear this material is now available in small quantities. I could never afford a 55 gal drum or the material. Thanks Jim
James Gilliland
Madison, Alabama
Date: 0000-00-00

Curtis is the man! The most helpful person I have come across in a long long time. He goes out of his way to help others in any way he can. I am proud to call him my friend. I recommend cactus juice and his chambers to any do it your selfer or professional for optimal results in stabilizing. I also recommend his knife scales! No one does a better job.
Garett Finney
Date: 0000-00-00

All, if you have not bought from TTW, then it is your loss! Customer care is what brought me to order a Production Chamber. The time and detailed information is 2nd to none, ether on the web, e-mail or in person, Curtis will not let you leave without being satisfied and informed. I went to his shop by invitation, once my chamber was completed, and I was very pleased with the chamber and his wiliness to answer my questions and make sure my used vacuum pump, bought with his helpful information I found on his website, would be sufficient, it was. Curtis was very concerned that I was 100 percent satisfied with the ordered chamber, that he was willing to trade up to one of a different style chamber with no cost. This type of Customer Service is hard to find. I left with more than I had ordered and cannot say enough about his "Policies and Industry Leading Guarantee", except this kind of service and care is what America was built on, by our founders. The chamber has worked without any issues, and I use his Cactus Juice Stabilizing Resin, which works fantastic on porous material. Stabilizing with Cactus Juice turned my soft, wood material into beautiful, usable blanks comparable to any professionally stabilized blanks. I have stoped throwing away those unusable blanks and just use Cactus Juice on all my wood after drying! Can you spell: REPEAT CUSTOMER.:):):):) Thanks Curtis, looking forward to a long and SATISFYING business relationship!:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
Richard Ray
San Antonio, TX
Date: 0000-00-00

I am a knife maker and like many knife makers, I wanted to do all processes of making a knife myself. After about 10 years of trying to stabilize my handle material and never being satisfied, I found Curtis and his website. I knew instantly this was what I was looking for so I ordered a chamber and some cactus juice and made arrangements to meet Curtis and ask a lot of questions. I found him to be both very friendly and knowledgeable and very free with all information and many tips as to what you should do or not do. I spent two hours with him and it seemed like a few minutes. I am still in the process of getting my vacuum pump, so I haven`t used the chamber or juice yet, but I have absolutely no doubt both will perform exactly as they should. I will be a longtime repeat customer and will refer him to anyone I know who is in need of this chamber or stabilizing solution. Thanks Curtis . Larry Doyle
Larry Doyle
Austin Texas
Date: 0000-00-00

I bought a tomahawk handle from Turntex who stated it was a very unique piece.. Well, they were wrong.... It is better than that..... This is by far the best handle I have ever bought [img][/img] As you can see, this curly maple is OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for the great support as they were incredible on the call. they answered every question and worked with me to find out exactly what I was after... Thank you..
dean makkos
Date: 0000-00-00

Great,fast service.Have not used the Juice yet.Will order again.\r\nDoyle
Doyle Chandler
Date: 0000-00-00

Great product, fast shipping, amazing to see how it works. I think a lot of knife makers would like to know about this. Look forward to learn a little more from you, and to get more cactus juice and dye. Thank you, Mark
Mark Kochaver
Blaine Mn.
Date: 0000-00-00

Great products with great service. What could be better?
Steve Montgomery
Date: 0000-00-00

product works great. just as advertised. called with a few questions. tech support was outstanding.
hilton ny
Date: 0000-00-00

I haven't turned the blanks that I ordered but I am very pleased with the quality and the color of the blanks. I am anxious to use them! Curtis is over the top as far as being helpful! I called and visited with him about the pressure pot and the process of creating polyester resin blanks. He was very willing to share his expertise. I would highly recommend Turn Tex!
Don Hickey
Hugoton, Kansas
Date: 0000-00-00