Customer Comments

Great Service and Product

I have been using Cactus Juice and dyes for a few months now. This product is great!! My wood comes out beautiful every time. It is great that I can stabilize my own wood now for my knife scales. I would recommend TurnTex to any wood worker looking to stabilize. This really is top of the line resins and dyes!!

Long Island NY
Date: 2016-10-13

b side resin

Hello Curtis, the only issue I have is one mold I mixed did not cure and I am wondering if the b side was the cause it has gelled up and become real thick , I mix the two with a mash potato whipper electric style so I know it is being mixed real good the thing that stinks is it was a 24 ,oz mold so I lost quit a bit, but other than that I have been having great success.

My Comment:  If the B side thickens, fill a pot with hot water and place the jug in the pot until it thins.  Once you do this, it will stay thin for quite a while.  Be sure to let it cool before using or it will cure much faster!  (This information was already relayed to the customer by phone but thought I would post it here for others as well since I publish ALL comments!)

mark barboza
Date: 2016-10-12

Awesome sauce

Cactus juice is awesome stuff. I was nervous at first with using it but they come with a very descriptive direction. Love this product.

Date: 2016-10-12

Never a let down!

not only is the product amazing, and at a great price! But as always it ships crazy fast! Thanks again for the easy transaction!

Date: 2016-10-10

Cactus juice


Thanks for the prompt delivery of my order. It was ordered on Friday and received in Ga on Monday---- fantastic delivery!


Howard Julian
Marietta, Ga
Date: 2016-10-09


This is one excellent product! I stabilized my first blanks yesterday and they turned out great. Buckeye Burl kept bubbling 2 1/2 hours later at 29.5 in Hg. You could feel the difference in weight after taking them out. From one Texan to another, Y'all done good!

North Pole, Alaska
Date: 2016-10-08

Best products on the market.

Just received my order of Cactus Juice and Alumilite supplies. I have had a chance to try the Cactus Juice and it does what they claim. It's very easy to work with, virtually no odor and does not evaporate so you have all the time in the world to work with the product. Have ran 3 batches of old spalted and rotted oak and wild cherry burl and it made some beautiful pen blanks. I was told by some so called experienced turners that the wood was to far gone but boy were they wrong. I was able to salvage 100% of the wood. 

Have not had a chance to work with the Alumilite products but plan to this weekend. I have turned a few Alumilite blanks produced by others so looking forward to trying some of my stabilized blanks with the Alumilite products. 

Service was great and shipping was the fastest I've ever had from a company. It was packaged and shipped the same day I placed my order. Oh and don't forget the personalized phone service Curtis provides.

Jerry B
Date: 2016-10-07

Excellent Help

I’m a part timer but have recently been experimenting with stabilizing soft and spalted woods.  I pored over the Web looking for information and every article I read directed me to Curtis at Turn Tex.  Well, they were right.  The service is top notch and Curtis has had the patience to answer all of my tedious questions.  I’m still plugging away and this will continue to be my “Go To Source”.

Date: 2016-10-06

Info and service

I worked with Curtis couple of years ago on stabilizing MDF for game calls and got great info and results. Recent order for Cactus Juice was very fast.  i would highly recommend Turntex for your needs. 

Date: 2016-10-05

Timely service and excellent products

I'm a small shop that works on custom orders. Mistakes are not an option. So far, TurnTex has shown they operate a reliable service oriented business. The products perform as advertised and answers are easy to get. My loudest kudos go to the Alumilite products that work without the smell of the mekp/resin mix. What a wonderful difference that makes!!! Every order shows up complete and on time.

Cazadero, CA
Date: 2016-10-05

Great products, great service

TurnTex is a pleasure to work with.  Fast reliable delivery and the product line is superb.  I'm using cactus juice and alumilite to stabilize natural wood as well as cast wood composites for knife handles.

Date: 2016-10-04

Fast , Fast , Fast

Ordered more Cactus Juice over the weekend , had it at my door in a few days . Thanks Curtis , your service is the best !

Date: 2016-10-03

Love the stuff

My name is Dave Roeder. I am a full time Knifemaker and use this juice to stabilize every handle I use. It's a great product and have been using this system for several years now.  

David Roeder
Kennewick WA
Date: 2016-10-02

Great job

I ordered Alumilite Clear Slow 16 lb Kit and everything was working great. A big thumb up. Will definitely order again.

Date: 2016-10-02

Online Chat Help

Noticed Curtis was online while visiting his "Help" section, asked him online several questions about casting worthless wood bowls. He answered my questions completely. The bowl came out beautiful and process was easier with his help. Thanks for the great help!

Don S
Date: 2016-10-01

Curtis Has Patience

After ordering a stabilizing system, I decided I wanted to wait for awhile longer.  When I told him I wanted to cancel, he said "No problem ", no questions asked.  A few weeks later I reinstated my order and it was handled quickly.  I'm very satisfied with Curtis and the professionalism of everyone concerned.

thanks, TurnTex

jerry Butcher
New Franklin, Ohio
Date: 2016-09-29

Order received

I just picked up my order In North Dakota yesterday.  Everything is good as always.  Thank you Curtis, I appreciate the great product and the fast and good service you always give.  Thank you Alain.

Alain Cayer
Selkirk Manitoba Canada
Date: 2016-09-29

I am in the juice

Just received my shipment of Cactus Juice and will be stabilizing this weekend. Woo Hoo
Thanks Curtis for the quick shipping it get to me faster from Texas than shipments from eastern Canada.

:) :)


Lin Bayford
Victoria BC
Date: 2016-09-28

Helpful info and speedy delivery

Even though I did not buy my stabilizing equipment from TurnTex, Curtis has taken his valuable time to talk with me, and help out with some problems I was having with stabilizing some of my scales.  He spent about two or three hours live time going through my process and giving me good advice.  I have bought from him in the past and will be buying from him exclusively from now on.  When I order from TurnTex, my shipment is never more than two days to delivery, and again, Curtis and his staff are always ready to help, and are very knowledgeable.


Joe McNeely
Wichita Falls, TX
Date: 2016-09-28

Great service with a personal touch!

I received my order in a very short time. Ordered on a Saturday and received it on the following Tuesday. I ordered components to build a vacuum chamber. Every piece is of high quality. When I had a question about vacuum pumps, I emailed Curtis and received an answer within 5 minutes. I am looking forward to doing business with TurnTex in the future.

Nathaniel Adams

Nathaniel Adams
Lytle, Tx
Date: 2016-09-27

Great service with a personal touch!

I received my order in a very short time. Ordered on a Saturday and received it on the following Tuesday. I ordered components to build a vacuum chamber. Every piece is of high quality. I am looking forward to doing business with TurnTex in the future.

Nathaniel Adams

Nathaniel Adams
Lytle, Tx
Date: 2016-09-27

love your stuff

AWESOME  STUFF.. i love it.  Thanks, i will be ordering  more materials .. love your products and your service is top notch!!!!!


Date: 2016-09-27

Good as Gold

Well folks, after six or eight orders (lost count) from Turntex, I am as delighted as usual with the speedy service!

Rob Roby  Lathe of Heaven

Rob Roby
Lanesville, IN
Date: 2016-09-27

Great customer service!

Always a pleasure to do business with a company that has great customer service.  When you deal with TurnTex you get the product as well as knowledge of how to best use it.  

Hardy hobbs
Seguin, Texas.
Date: 2016-09-26

Never disappointed.

I have never been disappointed with or had a bad experience with TurnTex or its owner Curtis. They are always helpful, easily accessible, and very knowledgeable. They carry only the best products , And are always striving to improve both are products, availability, and customer experience.  You simply cannot go wrong with Turn Tex. 

Mark Seymour  PenTactix.Com

Mark S
Date: 2016-09-26

great product an service

This is my second order of cactus juice, 2 gallons each order.  The product works great, and it was delivered amazingly fast from Texas to Delaware.  I placed my last order online on a Friday and received it on Monday.  I've used the cactus juice to stabilize pen blanks, both dyed and clear.  Very satisfied.

Glenn Friedenreich
Ellendale, Delaware
Date: 2016-09-26

Too Much Heat - Tank baked with our would !!

Wonderful Customer Service!  We failed to understand the temperature at which cactus juice would cure!  Bless Curtis for helping us out.  We had our wood cure in our tank!  Big oops and terribly hard to try and chip out!  Destroyed our tank which Curtis replaced at no cost.  Wonder customer service!  Went above and beyond to help us.  Thank you Curtis!!

Ronald Scherbarth
Athens TN
Date: 2016-09-25

Oven Tamer

I ordered an oven tamer from turntex  to help with my oven temps .  Very fast shipping and packaged very well . Great instructions on how to set up .  This product works great . Set it and forget it .  Great product from a great company . I will be buying another one for a second oven . 

Troy Krueger
Date: 2016-09-24

Great Service

I'm just getting into casting and decided to try Aluminite , I already knew of TurnTex and Curtis as I've been stabilizing wood with Cactus Juice for a little while now . Ordered the Aluminite , it was shipped fast , arrived within 2 days . I also made some hdpe molds and a pressure pot rack based on Curtis's drawings in the help section . Turn Tex has been a big help making my stabilizing and casting experience a pleasure , thanks Curtis .

Herb Holmes
L. I. NY
Date: 2016-09-22

Great product & service

Thanks for your quick response & shipping. I have been successfully using your Cactus Juice Stabilizing Solutions for about six months to stabilize a material that will not stabilize well with other products on the market. Rest assured I will be ordering more.

Guy Hielscher
Date: 2016-09-22


Bought the 8lb alumilite kit. Prices are on par or cheaper than everywhere else I looked, and turntex comes recommend by a few YouTubers I follow. My order shipped promptly, and I received exactly what I ordered. 10/10, will likely make future orders.

Vancouver British Columbia
Date: 2016-09-21

Curtis is the Best

I have purchased several items from Curtis, including the oven tamer and have spent a lot of time in conversation with him.  He is always happy to answer any and all questions, (even tough ones) and is completely thorough with his answers.  His products are flawless, his packing and shipping excellent.

In terms of customer service, there is none better.  In terms of his dedication to his work and his products and his customers, you'll look far and wide, high and low to find anyone better.

Without reservation, I highly recommend Turn-Tex and Curtis O. Seebeck - order with confidence.

Mark Lindquist  |  LINDQUIST STUDIOS


Mark Lindquist
North Florida
Date: 2016-09-21

Very easy to use

I tried this for the first time this weekend on some black walnut It turned out very nice i soaked for 36 hours after vacuum should have Lift it for a week though would recommend this highly love the final results.

Jonathan Sechrist
Cana ,VA
Date: 2016-09-20

New to Stabilizing.

I am new to world of stabilizing, introduced by a friend. I like the Cactus Juice and it's ease of use. When I had a question, I went to the web-site, which is great. I appreciate that the site provides so much information on product, frequently asked questions, I haven't stumped the site yet. 


Kelly B.
Green Bay, WI>
Date: 2016-09-19

New to Stabilizing.

I am new to world of stabilizing, introduced by a friend. I like the Cactus Juice and it's ease of use. When I had a question, I went to the web-site, which is great. I appreciate that the site provides so much information on product, frequently asked questions, I haven't been stumped the site yet. 


Kelly B.
Green Bay, WI>
Date: 2016-09-19

Oven Tamer Purchase

I had to buy this to kill my curiosity about it. After using it for a while now I wonder how I worked without it. This is one priceless tool for both drying and stabilizing wood. I used my own test equipment to test it's accuracy and the data logger says it never varied more than 0.3 degrees from the set temperature. Anyone who does this type of work knows what an improvement this is over the 30 degree temperature swing I was getting before using the Oven Tamer. My oven is new and I was quite amazed at how inaccurate the oven was by itself. This Oven Tamer has to be my best purchase of the year so far. At least until I get my new larger chamber :).

Central Florida
Date: 2016-09-19

Catus juice

Product is great! Easy to order online. Very nice people to deal with if you have any questions or problems. Fast shipping.

Harrisburg AR
Date: 2016-09-19

Fish guts and blood

On a recent fishing trip to Alaska I used a knife made from ATS 34 with walnut handles stabilized with cactus juice.  We cut the gills of all fish that came into the boat.  After a week of use the walnut handles showed no staining or color change due to blood and guts from Salmon and Halibut.  Great protection.

Dennis Macieski
Idaho Falls
Date: 2016-09-18

Great Service!

I originally ordered a gallon of Cactus Juice through Amazon. I had no experience with stabilizing, but I started having so much fun with it, I decided to get a full 4 gallon stock directly from TurnTex. Turn around on my order was amazingly fast. I'm very satisfied and will be doing much more business here. Curtis Seebeck was quick and happy to answer questions I had and I've found all kinds of blogs and videos that are full of information and ideas. I'm finding that about the only limit on this is my own imagination. Great company to do business with!

Northern Ohio
Date: 2016-09-18

Great service

Quick order professionally packaged and great product 


Date: 2016-09-16

Great Experience!

ran into Cactus Juice and wanted to experiment.  a quick visit to their site and an order, was filled in one day and arrived 2 days later.  Perfect results!!  Love it and the company. -

 -Rick Medlen, CEO  GarageSkins, Inc.

Rick Medlen
Albany, Oregon
Date: 2016-09-16

Great system!

Saw several stabilizing systems on line and YouTube when making my decision.  When I came across Curtis' system I was sold.  So far I have no complaints.  Curtis and his crew run a great company with excellent customer support.  Many of the parts are made in-house which is also a great thing to know that most everything your getting was made and assembled here in the U.S.  Per the conversation I had with Curtis, I bought the 4" x 16" unit and also bought the feet for the unit which was a really good idea.  I also went ahead and purchased a JB vacuum pump from out of Aurora, IL.  They have made in America pumps and very good customer service too.  The TurnTex cactus Juice is great and easy to work with.  All these above combinations make for a pleasant and efficient process.  No gassing issues with the pump.  No smell issues with the Cactus Juice and no issues with my chamber.  So far I cannot see giving TurnTex anything less than 5 stars.

Chad K.~ CK Knives
Western WA.
Date: 2016-09-14

Flawless service

Received my order very quick, as always. Orders(and that is not my first order) are always going out fast. But I would like to say that I have never seen such a high quality service from any, I mean ANY other company. Curtis is available on all of the forums where potential customer might have a question and he helps everyone. He is also a member of a lot of FB groups which are related to stabilizing. I see that he helps his customers to answer to all their questions(related to stabilization). Curtis also helped me couple of times in questions related to vacuum pumps and repair. To say it in simple words... you buy from Turntex, you can talk to the owner of the company and he will help you. Done. The Best.

Stepan Polyak
Staten Island, NY
Date: 2016-09-12

Good so far!

I'm a knife maker that always used materials that didn't need to be stabilized or I'd buy stabilized knife scales, which can be expensive.   I bought a vacuum chamber with the intention of stabilizing my own knife scales. I've already processed a few batches and have gotten great results. Redwood lace burl nearly quadrupled in weight.  Fit and finish of the vacuum chamber is solid and i expect to get a ton of use out of it. I'm sure it'll out last the pump I bought.


B Allen
Date: 2016-09-12

Best Customer Service

I am fairly new to casting, and he did everything he could to help me. I have now made several purchases and my products were shipped very quickly. The products are top notch. Will only order from here. God Bless!

Curt Branson
Bonne Terre Mo
Date: 2016-09-11

Great customer service

I'm stationed in Germany. I tried ordering alumilite from their website but shipping was crazy expensive. Ordering alumilite clear from Turntex is cheaper and easier. Great customer service. Thank you

Bitburg, Germany
Date: 2016-09-11

Great service!

Quick service, fast mailing, able to chat with the owner! Curtis provides a top notch service and fantastic product. offers help on use of the products he sales and very fast. 

Thanks Curtis! 

Mike Doyle
Washington State
Date: 2016-09-10

I like the Juice!

After ordering a chamber and pump, I made my first order of Cactus Juice.  Shipping was very quick, with my order arriving just 2 or so business days after my order.  My first stabilization project was on some oak call blanks.  The lumber had been in the weather for an unknown amount of time.  Actually, It was a throw away at a nearby saw mill that I got after they kindly gave me permission to dig through their scrap pile.  Anyway, the lumber was pretty far gone, weighing far less than what a good piece of oak should.  On the up side, it had been in water for some portion of time during its existence, and the rays had turned a dark color, giving the wood a unique, striking appearance when turned.  Too bad 75% of my turnings with the stuff failed due to the poor condition of the wood.

Enter the Cactus Juice.  I stabilized several blanks of this wood.  Excitement got the best of me, so I stabilized without oven drying first.  No matter, though.  It stabilized beautifully, though it took forever to stop bubbling.  All of my blanks held up to the rigors of turning after stabilization.  The stabilized wood is very hard, but it cuts and finished beautifully.    In fact, I didn't even apply an additional finishing product. A good sanding and buffing with tripoli and white diamond produced gorgeous results.

I highly recommend Cactus Juice.  So far I have found it very easy to use and quite forgiving of minor mistakes (like forgetting the oven drying).  I will be placing an order for more very soon, and adding dyes to the process.


Brian Avery
Calhoun, Georgia
Date: 2016-09-10

cactus juice!

I have heard a lot of good things about cactus juice so I thought I'd give it a try. up until now I have used the minwax wood hardener for my knife handles I used it in the same manner as the cactus juice by means of a vacuum pump and cure it in a toaster oven. the results have been ok. the cactus juice out performs it by miles. I want to add some color to my next batch of scales and as soon as my email regarding dyes is returned I'll be coloring and stabilizing a variety of beautiful woods for my knife handles. I also wanted to add that the shipping was excellent. my juice arrived two days after I ordered it.

Date: 2016-09-08

Very responsive on shipping product. Good info on website.

Very responsive on shipping. Good info on website. 

Wayne Mckee
Baton Rouge La
Date: 2016-09-07