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Attention:  All JuiceProof Vacuum Chambers are custom made to order in house from parts manufactured in house.  Parts for chambers are made in production runs and then inventory is added to the site and chambers are made available to order based on the number of parts available.  If the chamber size you are interested in shows out of stock, you can add your e-mail to the waiting list by clicking the blue button on the the specific size chamber page and you will be notified the moment more parts are available based on your position on the list.  I complete parts production runs on a regular basis so the wait is usually not very long.
If the chamber you are interested in shows in stock and available to order, that simple means I have sufficient inventory of parts to complete a chamber for you.  Each chamber is custom made to order after you complete the purchase.  Your payment method will be charged in full when you complete the transaction since chambers are a custom made item.  Once the order is complete, your chamber will go into production and is subject to the estimated lead time shown.  In almost all cases, chambers will ship within the estimated lead time or sooner but occasionally, things may occur that are beyond my control that may cause a delay.  When that happens, I will do my best to notify you but this is not a promise to do so!
Please do not e-mail or call prior to the end of the estimated lead time asking when your order will ship!  That just takes me away from production and causes further delays.  When your order ships, you will receive an e-mail with tracking information.  If your estimated lead time has passed, please check your spam folder for this shipping notification e-mail prior to contacting us to make sure the e-mail did not go to spam letting you know that it has already shipped.

A note on the UPS estimated delivery date when you choose your shipping method.  UPS has no idea when we will actually ship.  The estimated delivery date assumes we will be shipping the day you order which is NOT the case with chambers.  As a result, their estimated delivery date WILL BE WRONG!

Thank you!