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Silicone bottle plugs
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These silicone bottle plugs are made to make your life easier when casting!  No more messing with gunked up bottle caps that are hard to remove.  With these plugs, simply push them into the jug when finished and pull them out when ready to pour.  Made from silicone, any resin that crusts up on the plugs is easily removed, keeping your jugs cleaner. 

Includes 2 plugs

Plugs fit 38/400 jug necks including following products:

  • Alumilite Clear or Clear Slow 8 or 16lb kits
  • Alumilite White 8lb kits
  • Alumilite Amazing Clear Cast 1 or 2 gallon kits
  • Alumilite Amazing Clear Cast Plus 1 or 2 gallon kits
  • Alumilite Amazing Deep Pout 1.5 gallon kit
  • All JB Royal Orignal and Thin sizes