JB Eliminator DV6E Vacuum Pump-Reconditioned

JB Eliminator DV-6E Vacuum Pump-Reconditioned
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Cheapest price brand new:  $296!

The best choice in vacuum pumps for your stabilizing needs!  This made in USA vacuum pumps is my top choice for pumps.  It is fully serviceable and when the time comes that you inadvertently lock up your pump due to not drying your wood properly or sucking up some Cactus Juice, with a little guidance, you can clean it out and be back up and running in no time without needing parts in most cases!


  • 6 CFM, two stage, direct drive
  • Pulls as low as 25 micron vacuum (29.919 inHg or 99.99% vacuum)
  • 1/2 HP 1725 rpm, 110v US plug
  • 1/4" 45° SAE male flare intake port
  • 25 oz oil capacity


  • 1 qt. Premium Vacuum Pump Oil
  • Exhaust oil trap on handle

These pumps are previously owned pumps that have been meticulously reconditioned by TurnTex LLC and tested to 99.9% vacuum.  Most pumps look like new but may have scratches or others signs of use.  Some may have private labeling on them that do not say JB Eliminator.

Pump is warrantied by TurnTex, LLC for 2 years from the date of sale against reconditioning defects performed by TurnTex, LLC.  TurnTex  will repair or replace, at our sole discretion, any pump that fails during this warranty period.  This warranty does NOT include locked up pumps due to misuse when stabilizing.  If you lock up your pump due to stabilizing activity, TurnTex will provide guidance to help you clean the pump mechanism and return it to operational status.  If you are unable to perform the necessary steps to clean the pump, TurnTex will perform this work for you at minimal charge plus shipping each way.


I am reconditioning these vacuum pumps as time permits and have 30 on hand.  I am allowing Pre-orders on these pumps for your convenience only.  I will not oversell so if you pre-order, you are guaranteed a pump when they are ready.  By pre-ordering, you are placing yourself on my list and guaranteeing you get a pump when your name comes up.  When that time comes, I will send an e-mail notification asking you to make payment and complete your order.  No payment is necessary to at the time of pre-order.  This pump will need to ship by itself so please do not add any other items to this order since there is no room in the box.  If, at any time, you no longer want the pump, please let me know so I can remove you from the list so someone else has an opportunity.  I am making no promises when your pump will be ready to ship.  If you are in a hurry, PLEASE DO NOT ORDER!  I am doing this more as a service to my customers and am making very little on these pumps so please do not add stress to my already stressful life by e-mailing, asking when your pump will ship!  I promise, I will not forget you!

Be sure to add info (at) turntex.com to your safe sender's list so the notification e-mail does not go to your spam folder when sent.  Once the notification has been sent, I will wait 2 weeks for completion of the order.  If I do not hear from you within that time period, I will assume you no longer want the pump and will cancel your order and move on to the next customer!