4'' Clear PVC Pipe

4'' Clear PVC Pipe-Choose length below
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Make your own vacuum chamber with this 4" ID clear PVC pipe!

  • Schedule 40 Clear PVC
  • 4" (101 mm) ID
  • 4.5" (114 mm) OD
  • This is the highest quality, clearest PVC pipe available-clear PVC pipe is not completely clear, it has a gray to purple tint.  With inferior brands, this tint can be really bad.  This clear PVC pipe has a slight gray tint to it but is still very easy to see through.  It is also very difficult to photograph!
  • May have slight surface blemishes that will easily buff out that will not affect visibility or use
  • Can be glued with regular PVC cement

This is just a raw piece of pipe as it comes off the saw.  It DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY OTHER PIECES.  You will need to engineer the chamber yourself and choose and source what to use for a bottom.  Many use a 4" PVC cap.  You will also have to sand the top of the pipe smooth to remove saw marks to get a good seal.  This is NOT A KIT to build your own chamber.  I do not offer kits due to liability reasons.

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